Welcome to AP Psychology and Summer Homework! It really isn't too much work to do and hopefully you will find it interesting and enjoyable. There are two parts to your summer homework:

1. Begin reading the first two units of the textbook in order to get a jumpstart on our work for the year (many schools begin in August which puts us at a a disadvantage preparing for the AP Exam in May. Therefore, doing a bit of reading ahead of times helps to compensate for that. I recommend you plan for about a week's worth of typical homework (a few hours each day) to get this work completed. The bonus is you won't have reading the first few weeks of class as we review this information and deepen our knowledge with demonstrations and activities. (Remember you have notes and study guides to complete as well as the reading!) You MUST complete the two study guides provided to you (also found below) and you may choose to take notes as well (notes are optional).

2. Read a book of your choice (from the reading list or one that I approve) that touches upon Psychology. The purpose for this homework is to get you excited about a topic of your choice that will also connect and/or reinforce concepts and terminology we will be learning in class. There are so many GREAT books out there on so many fascinating topics you will hopefully find THIS summer homework enjoyable. Heck, you can even read more than one book!

On my summer reading list: The Reason Why I Jump, Flourish, Patient H.M., Authentic Happiness, Mindset and more!

Make sure to read through the packet below for the full details and due dates. Happy reading!

Summer Homework Instructions:

Study Guides:

Unit I Reading:

Unit II Reading (Research Methods):